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The London Business School was established in 1964. The College is known for its Master’s Degree. London Business School provides Master’s degrees as well as PhD’s. It is the best college on the list of best business schools.

The main Motto of the College is to have a profound impact on the business around the World. The main campuses of the college are in London as well as in Dubai.

Ø Address of the London Business School, UK:

The London Business School Address – Regent’s Park, London NW1 4SA, UK.

Ø Phone no. +442070007000

Ø Official Website of the London Business School, UK:

Ø Fax no. +442070007001

v Social Links of London Business School of UK:


The rank of London Business School:

In the QS Ranking 2015, London Business School ranked 1 all over the world in World Business School.

 Additional Ranks of the London Business School:

l 1st Business School in Europe in the year, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

l 1st in the world in Master in Finance in the year 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2020.

l 2nd in world Global in MBA in the year 2021.

l 3rd in the world in Master’s in Management in the year 2018, 2019.

Admission Process at the London Business School, UK:

The London Business School of UK allows 2200 overseas students. Who comes with a Bachelor Degree to get admission to the London Business School.

The University offers elective courses to the students. The Courses are MBA, Master’s in Management, Master in Business Analytics and EMBA.

 Eligibility of Students:

ü The student must have a Bachelor’s Degree.

ü GMAT/GRE score acceptable.

ü Should know the English Language.

ü The student must have work experience at least for the period of two years.

London Business School, UK Admission Process:

l Fill an online application form.

l Application fees: 180 GBP (MBA), 200 GBP (Graduate) and 95 GBP (Graduate).

l Deadlines of the courses differ from each other.

l Require documents

l CV

l Two letters of Recommendation.

l Academic transcript

l English language proficiency test score in IELTS, TOEFL, CPE, CAE or PTE.

l GMAT/GRE Score

Admission helpline no. Of London Business School, UK:

Ø MBA: +442070007511

Ø Global Masters in Management: +442070007503

Ø Executive MBA London: +442070007505

Popular Courses at London Business School, UK:

Following are the popular courses at the London Business School, UK. These are Master’s in Management, Master’s in Finance, Master’s in financial management, MBA and Executive MBA.

The campus of the London Business School, UK:

The campus of London Business School is located at Sussex place in Marylebone, London, UK. The campus has a library, sports centre, three cafes, and a restaurant. It also has a private Pub – The Windsor Castle.

The campus of LBS is in the center of London. The Marylebone Townhall is the second campus in London.

Library of London Business School, UK:


 Internships at London Business School, UK:

The London Business School, UK provides paid internships to the Students. The Wheeler institute which is a London based institute gives a part-time internship. The internship is for 3 months. The students have to work 20hrs per week.

London Business School students have to work under the faculty members. The work they have to do includes- Date collecting, Analysis, Drafting insights, developing agenda, design etc.

The Wheeler Institute gives internships to LBS Students on a regular basis. They give internships on a competitive basis.

Who can apply for the Internship:

l The student who is currently a student of LBS, UK.

l Who enrolled in a part-time or full-time program at LBS, UK.

l Who has analytical skills.

l Excellent and effective communication skills.

Placement at London Business School, UK:

The LBS, UK gave the placement to their students. Following are the industry on which the placement is given to the LBS MBA Students:

IndustryAverage Salary (in a pound)
Investment Banking85362
Venture capital74336
IT Service71614
Investment management89500
Private Equity87699

Local & International student ratio at LBS, UK:

88% of international students were studying at London Business School, UK. The remaining 12% of students were from the UK.

Famous personality studied at LBS, UK:

1. Kumar Birla:

Kumar Birla is an Indian Industrialist who was born on 14 June 1967 in Kolkata, India. He studied MBA at the LBS, UK in 1992. He is the Chairman of Aditya Birla Group. The Aditya Birla Group operates its business all around the world, including 36 countries.

Kumar Birla received the Global Leadership Award in 2014. He also received the award of International advertising association’s CEO of the year in 2016.

2. Nisreen Shocair:

Nisreen Shocair was born in the year 1973 in Lagos, Nigeria. She was a former student at the London Business School of the UK. Nisreen Shocair is the President of Virgin Megastore Middle East and North Africa.

She earned an MBA Degree from the London Business School of the UK.

3. Evelyn Bourke:

Evelyn Bourke was born on 31 January 1965. She is an Irish Businesswoman. Evelyn Bourke was a former student of London Business School. She holds an MBA Degree at London Business School of UK.

v Traditional food of London, UK:

The traditional food of UK or British food are as follows:

1. Fish & Chips

2. Sunday Roast

3. Bangers & Mash

4. Steak and Kidney Pie

5. Cottage Pie

6. Full English Breakfast

These are the traditional foods of London, the UK you should try. All the above dishes are famous in London, UK.

Famous Destination to visit in London, UK:

The following are the main destinations to visit in London.

l Buckingham Palace

l Tower Bridge

l Westminster Abbey

l London Eye

l Big Ben & Parliament

l British Museum

l Tower of London

l Kew Gardens

l Churchill War Rooms

l Hyde Park

l National Gallery

These all are famous destinations/places you should visit in London.

Ø London Currency: Pound

Ø Currency Value in USD: 1 Pound = 1.37 USD

Ø Total Area of London: 1,573km Square

Ø Literacy rate of London: 99%

v Average per person Income of London: Pound 36,421

Total Population of London: 89.8 lakhs (2019)

Occupation in Demand in London:

Delivery Driver, Project Manager, Store Manager, Customer Assist, Software Engineer, Sales Assistant are the occupations in demand in London.

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